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Bamboo Various


Bamboo Bamboo is a plant belonging to the Graminaceae family which consists of more than seventy-five genera and twelve hundred species. Bamboo is an extraordinarily original plant with characteristics that have allowed it to spread practically all over the world. At the base of its very wide diffusion there is certainly a very large number of genera and therefore of changes that have given this plant the gift of being able to adapt almost anywhere.

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Cherry plum and plum - what's the difference? Miscellanea

Cherry plum and plum - what's the difference?

Amateur gardeners agree that cherry plum is the same plum. But this opinion is erroneous. Plum and cherry-plum are fruits that have differences in nutritional value, taste and other indicators. How to distinguish plum from cherry-plum: a noticeable difference Gardeners note the following differences between plum and cherry-plum: Fruit color.

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Dealing With Pineapple Problems: Managing Pineapple Pests And Diseases Miscellaneous

Dealing With Pineapple Problems: Managing Pineapple Pests And Diseases

By: Kristi WaterworthGrowing pineapples isn’t always all fun and games, but you can produce a perfect pineapple with helpful information about pests and diseases that affect this plant. Read on to learn about common pineapple pests and plant diseases so you know what you should be watching for as your plant develops and how to treat issues in pineapple.

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The best ideas for landscaping paved and concreted yards Interesting

The best ideas for landscaping paved and concreted yards

Modern household plots are less likely to serve as the breadwinner for the family. To make the country holiday as serene as possible, an ever larger area of ​​our courtyards is paved or concreted. Indeed, the site looks neater at the same time, in bad weather you can walk and not get your feet dirty, and it is much easier to clean flat surfaces from snow.

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Grevillea Interesting


Grevillea (Grevillea) is an evergreen flowering creeping or erect shrub or tree belonging to the Protein family and is widespread on the Australian continent. The genus has about four hundred species and varieties, but only 5 of them can be found in other territories (for example, in New Caledonia and New Guinea).

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X Graptoveria 'Douglas Huth' Miscellaneous

X Graptoveria 'Douglas Huth'

Prime destination for succulent loversRSSFacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestHomeSucculentopediaBrowse Succulents by Scientific NameBrowse Succulents by Common NameBrowse Succulents by GenusBrowse Succulents by FamilyBrowse Succulents by USDA Hardiness ZoneBrowse Succulents by OriginBrowse Cacti by GenusAbout SucculentsCultivationGeneral CareLight RequirementsPotting SoilWateringFertilizingPests and DiseasesRepottingPropagationPruningGraftingArrangingSucculent UsesMedicinal SucculentsCosmetic SucculentsCulinary SucculentsSacred SucculentsLibraryBooksStoriesMyths and LegendsStampsWorld of Flowering PlantsYou are at:Home » Archive for & 34;x Graptoveria & 39;Douglas Huth& 39;& 34;Browsing: x Graptoveria & 39;Douglas Huth& 39;SucculentopediaGraptoveria & 39;Douglas Huth& 39;x Graptoveria & 39;Douglas Huth& 39; is a stemless, clump-forming succulent up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall, with rosettes of thick gray-green leaves…

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