Soil for tomatoes

Soil for tomatoes

Question: soil for tomatoes

Is soil suitable for tomatoes where the ash from the fireplace (oak wood) has been dumped during the winter? The soil has been dug up and overturned for about 40 cm, and I intend to fertilize it.

Answer: soil for tomatoes

Dear Sergio, thank you for relying on the expert advice of our website. It is never a good practice to dump the ashes of the stove and fireplace in the garden or in any area that you intend to cultivate. In fact, the ashes cause asphyxiation of the soil, root rot and molds due to their composition and subsequent compaction. By now the ash has already been deposited and therefore we can only carry out recovery interventions by recommending for the future not to dump the ash in places that it intends to cultivate. The operations she carried out are correct because to cultivate in an area like the one you described, first of all you need to dig and plow the soil, to aerate the substrate and mix the soil by dispersing the ash a little. Adding fertilizer will also greatly improve the texture of the soil and make it easier to grow tomatoes.

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