A mushroom picker neighbor shared simple recipes against midges and mosquitoes: very useful for summer cottage evenings

A mushroom picker neighbor shared simple recipes against midges and mosquitoes: very useful for summer cottage evenings

There is a swamp near my summer cottage, so there is simply no escape from midges and mosquitoes. These insects not only leave painful bites that do not heal for a long time, but also prevent them from working quietly in the beds.

I found that special store products that need to be applied to the skin did not last long, and ultrasound devices were not taken seriously by the gnats at all.

I had already begun to despair and even think about selling the garden, which I informed my neighbor on the site, and at the same time unfortunately, because there were no fewer bloodsuckers on its territory.

Nikolai Borisovich only grinned in response and showed absolutely clean hands without bites. I was very surprised, because there was not a centimeter on my skin without red and combed spots. Then I asked him to tell me what remedy he uses, and if it is not harmful to health, since it works so well.

The neighbor assured me that all the repellents that he uses are absolutely safe, because they do not contain a single gram of chemistry. An avid mushroom picker discovered their miraculous properties when he began to explore the local forest.

I invited a neighbor to tea and prepared a notebook and a pen to write down. However, I didn't need them, the recipes were so simple that even a child would remember.

One of the surest remedies for mosquitoes and midges is the spicy and strong-smelling clove. A decoction from the fruits of this tropical tree is especially effective. Spice is available to everyone, because you can buy it at any grocery store, and it is inexpensive.

To make a broth, you need to pour 5-7 dried cloves with a glass of boiling water, and then hold the mixture over low heat for about a quarter of an hour. Then add another 50 ml of boiled water to the fragrant liquid and cool to a comfortable temperature. The broth is ready, you can use it.

This tool has a lot of advantages. In addition to repelling mosquitoes and midges, it also helps to heal their bites due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

The vanillin solution, pleasant for humans, also very well repels midges and mosquitoes.

Preparing the tincture is very simple: in 120 ml of vodka or diluted medical alcohol, you need to add 7 g of vanilla powder. The pungent smell of alcohol itself is unpleasant for insects, and in tandem with vanilla will scare them away for a long time.

The last method that my neighbor told me about, I decided to try on my granddaughter. The girl loves to visit me at my dacha, but because of insects she leaves for the city faster than she would like.

Mosquitoes and midges are afraid of essential oils like fire, which are sold in every pharmacy. These are absolutely natural repellents, they can be used even by a child.

It is necessary to take a plastic box from the Kinder Surprise chocolate egg, loved by the children. On a cotton swab, drip a little vegetable (as a base) and a few drops of aromatic oil with any pleasant and non-irritating aroma. Put the box inside and tie it with a thick thread to make a homemade pendant. Such a simple decoration should be worn around the neck, and not a single midge or mosquito will disturb your personal space.

For children, it is better to choose tea tree oil, it has hypoallergenic properties and a pleasant aroma. Adults can try on themselves and more pungent smells, for example, eucalyptus, mint, lavender, geranium, basil, juniper.

Since I learned the secret of getting rid of annoying bloodsuckers, I stopped thinking about selling my site. And my granddaughter began to come here much more often.

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How to save yourself from mosquitoes with folk remedies

Hello dear friends!

We will talk about how to save yourself from mosquitoes with folk remedies today.

In the summer, everyone strives to be closer to nature. We go to the dacha, work in the garden in the evening, organize picnics, arrange walks in the woods. And how the kids rejoice when they are taken with them on such outings. Only one thing overshadows outdoor recreation - the annoying neighborhood of blood-sucking insects - mosquitoes.

Sometimes their presence is so noticeable that it can turn into real torture, especially for children. There are a great variety of repellents on sale (sprays, ointments, creams). But often they contain toxic substances that are hazardous to health. Most mosquito repellent packages say "Use with caution for children", "Do not use during pregnancy and lactation", "Be sure to wash your hands after use", etc. And sometimes, you can just run into a fake, and the tool will simply be ineffective.

Many centuries ago, people used various natural remedies to repel these insects. They passed on knowledge from generation to generation that how to escape mosquitoes with folk remedies... Such formulations are not only time-tested, but also absolutely safe for humans and the surrounding nature. In addition, they are cheap to use and quite effective.

Mosquito repellent

The composition for the preparation of the composition includes vegetable oil (any), liquid soap or shampoo for washing hair and vinegar (9%). These ingredients are found in every home. We take a tablespoon of each component and mix thoroughly. As a result, we have a white product with a consistency that resembles an emulsion. The composition is lubricated on open areas of the body. Even working in the garden or sunbathing in a forest clearing, you will be spared the annoying buzzing of mosquitoes.

Mosquito nettle

It turns out that insects cannot stand the smell of nettle. And this medicinal plant or weed (as anyone reads) grows everywhere. For protection, you need to take fresh nettle, mince it or turn it into gruel using a blender, squeeze it through cheesecloth folded in several layers and, voila, your barrier from bloodsuckers is ready. Nettle juice is rubbed on open areas of the body.

Garlic from mosquitoes

The biologically active compounds of garlic are not to the liking of mosquitoes. If you have eaten several cloves of spicy spice, then along with the blood stream, sulfur compounds are carried to all organs, including they go to the skin. Insensible to the human nose, the secretion of skin secretions with garlic repels insects better than any synthetic repellent. True, as a side effect, you get not entirely fresh breath, but the harsh garlic spirit from the mouth can be neutralized by drinking a glass of whole milk, chewing a sprig of parsley, or sucking on a lemon wedge.

Wormwood from mosquitoes

A decoction of the roots of wormwood is an old proven compound against blood-sucking insects. A handful of dried and crushed plant roots are poured into 1.5 liters of boiling water and insisted under a lid for at least an hour. The strained broth moistens skin areas unprotected by clothing. It is convenient to pour liquid into a spray bottle and apply on face and body by simply irrigating the skin.

How to minimize itching from mosquito bites

If you are nevertheless bitten by these blood-sucking insects, the skin itches and itches, and unaesthetic blisters have gone through the body, then for this case, traditional medicine has many proven recipes.

1. Gruel from soda or table salt. A small amount of the powder is moistened with water until a slurry is obtained and applied to the damaged areas of the skin. The first few minutes there is a slight burning sensation, but then there is no trace of the bite. Sometimes, to relieve itching, a strong solution of soda is made (a tablespoon per 50 ml of water), soaked in a clean cloth or gauze and applied to the skin. These cold compresses help to quickly relieve itching, especially on the delicate skin of children.

2. Tea tree oil. This is perhaps the only essential oil that can be applied to the skin in its pure form (all other oils require a base base). Tea tree helps with most insect bites and has a repellent effect. Lightly lubricate the bite with oil. Before using it, be sure to check if you have any individual intolerance to this essential oil. To do this, one drop is applied to the bend of the elbow or behind the ear and observe whether redness has appeared during the day.

3. Slightly mashed greens of the following plants: plantain, lemon balm, peppermint, bird cherry, parsley applied to the bite site relieves pain and itching.

4. Ammonia, diluted in half with boiled water, helps to eliminate the effects of a mosquito bite.

So, if you want to save yourself from mosquitoes using harmless folk remedies, take advantage of these simple recipes, share them with your friends, and let nothing cloud your outdoor recreation! See you, friends!

How to get rid of parasites: 5 helpful tips

Not everyone wants to "share" their crops with parasites that can spoil it.

But you should not use chemicals either - they can be more harm than good.

In such cases, methods that have been used by several generations of gardeners come to the rescue.

What kind life hacks worth taking note:

1. No need to throw away tree resin - this wonderful and free product can save you from such intruders as aphids, snails, slugs, ticks and other pests.

2. If you mix water, ordinary vinegar and mustard seeds, then you can forget about the Colorado beetles. All that is required of you is to pour liquid over the green part of the potato.

3. Against aphids there is one more proven remedy - common nettle. Pick up more of this plant, add ordinary water, leave it in any convenient place overnight and process the parts of the garden you need.

4. To save your cabbage crop, you should stock up on regular burdock. As a rule, this plant is infused in water for about 3 days, and then doused with cabbage.

5. You can also take care of your comfort - enjoy your summer cottage without the presence of mosquitoes and midges. All you need is to plant a lemon in the area.

How to destroy mosquitoes in an apartment and at a summer cottage

They do not give us the opportunity to relax in nature or sleep peacefully indoors. And it all started in cities since the 18th century, since man created all favorable conditions for his existence. But today, the destruction of mosquitoes has become just a global issue around the world.

Mosquitoes can breed throughout the year in wet basements. They are, of course, smaller, but at the same time they are more nimble. During the day, we do not notice them, as they sit in dark places. But at night you all know very well yourself. Therefore, today there is a serious fight against mosquitoes. The reason for this was not only their painful bites, which can lead to allergic reactions in the body, they are also carriers of various diseases.

If we talk about the destruction of mosquitoes in an apartment, then you all know all sorts of ways, from mosquito nets to electric fumigators. But sometimes even they do not help get rid of persistent bloodsuckers, since they eventually get used to all possible means and they develop immunity.

The best way to control mosquitoes in an apartment is to irrigate mosquito sites such as walls and ceilings.

As for the processing of an open area, you must first process the grass cover, small shrubs, a fence, walls of buildings, etc. But it is best to first treat all wet areas where female mosquitoes breed and breed. This applies to all kinds of reservoirs, puddles, stagnant water in a variety of containers. Only after this can one begin to destroy large individuals of this type of insect.

For the treatment of all surfaces, you also need to pay attention to the preparations you use, since they must undergo compulsory certification. But it is best to turn to specialists to destroy mosquitoes in open areas, since they know not only the necessary drugs, but also the doses of their use, the use of which will be safe for the human body, fauna and flora, but not only not for mosquitoes. So, near reservoirs, special bactericidal preparations are used that do not harm the fish fauna of the existing reservoir.

Lemon verbena

The real enemy of blood-sucking insects is a fragrant plant. The smell of lemon verbena repels mosquitoes and other flying parasites. The peculiarity of this representative of the flora is that he not only feels at ease in the open field.

Lemon verbena can also be grown as a houseplant. If you dry a few leaves of such a herb and make a sachet out of them, then you can still save yourself from moths.


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Effective pest control in the garden

-Getting rid of onion and carrot flies
-Potato bugs will no longer be shown in full.
-Fight against aphids
-Fight against a bear (cabbage)
-Fight against moles

Getting rid of onion and carrot flies

The simplest but most effective way is to treat the beds with a weak ammonia solution. You can use ammonia - 2 tbsp. for 5 liters of water. It will not be superfluous to add 2 drops of iodine and 1/3 teaspoon of dry boric acid to 5 liters of solution, this will serve as a good nourishment for onions and mochas.

Fighting Colorado beetles

The Colorado potato beetle does not tolerate garlic. It is enough to stick its cloves between the potato bushes. You can also make a solution - 200 gr. chop the garlic, pour a bucket of water and leave all day. After that, laundry soap (50 g) is diluted in the solution, and the area is sprayed with this composition.

If an aphid attacked, it is best to hit it with ammonia. Two tablespoons of ammonia in a bucket of water plus an adhesive - a spoonful of detergent or shampoo. Aphids fall in shock. And ammonia evaporates quickly and gets a little into the leaf - this is a common foliar nitrogen dressing.

Fighting the bear (cabbage)

We buy ammonia at the pharmacy, then we dilute it with 10 mg per 10 liters of water. And when we plant seedlings, then pour a half liter jar under each bush. And that's it, you will be with seedlings and with the harvest. This is the second year I have been doing this, and you know, it helps!

Castor oil is considered a popular ingredient in the fight against moles. You can prepare your own remedy based on it. To create a concentrate, mix 200 ml of castor oil and 3 tbsp. liquid soap or dishwashing detergent. Dilute the resulting mixture at the rate of 30 ml per 4 liters of water. Spread the solution over the surface of the area occupied by moles. This is best done after rain or watering.

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