Nativity houses

Nativity houses

The houses

The crib always follows a certain type of canons in its realization and although the fantasy component is always incredibly important in determining the success of your creation, there are elements that absolutely cannot be renounced in any crib, once in fact the scenography has been determined and executed. the small scheme I was talking about in this section you have to put the houses of the nativity scene, these represent the village that in the symbolism of the nativity scene are in contrast to the hut where Jesus is born; an absolutely important symbology that cannot be left out in any crib even if, let's face it right away, if you want you can also do without it.

It's all a question of style

The nativity houses they are not all the same, in this column I have talked to you several times about different styles to make the nativity scene, traditional, Neapolitan, Arabic, each style obviously has different types of houses since it is obvious that they are not all the same. The traditional nativity scene, for example, usually offers rustic houses, which form a typical Italian village with crates piled one on top of the other of a rather classic mold, often also very old and with the most classic reddish sloping tiles. These houses are also easily found in the Neapolitan crib, even if each version of the crib offers some particularities, but we are really talking about small nuances. The big differences are instead if your crib is in Arabic style, in this case in fact the houses are those typical of the Middle East, low, usually single-storey, with a flat roof and many of these are off-white. A little while ago I was also talking about the possibility of not putting any house in your crib, in fact the symbolism of the crib is important and the houses in the village represent the world that refuses to help the two travelers who finally take refuge in a miserable hut, they are the true metaphor of the "comfortable world" where the people live who the unborn child wants to save with his coming, even if the latter have refused to welcome him properly and have let him be born in a cold and narrow place. In fact there are small nativity scenes, some of which are also very artistic, which represent only the scene of the hut and omit everything else, they are very small and often there is no room even for a house, obviously everyone chooses according to the time. , space and budget available but it is not excluded that small and simple nativity scenes can still have a beautiful effect.

Let's build a little house

Therefore, once you have chosen your favorite style, you can begin the construction, the nativity houses they can easily be made by hand, you just need some polystyrene or plywood, just to give an example, and use the aforementioned fantasy! In model shops there are also parts already made, doors, windows, cornices and even small tiles to be mounted on the roof one by one for those who love the minutia of details and have time to spend in this wonderful hobby! Obviously, if we decide to build each element ourselves, it will necessarily take a lot of time and it is therefore good to start well in advance and above all never forget an absolutely essential thing, keep the proportions! You certainly do not want to have a nativity scene with houses disproportionate to each other that create a really ugly effect, in this case remember that even the figurines are part of the scenography and also in this case the proportions must always be maintained.

Nativity houses: Where to buy them

If we don't have time, we have a good budget and we want to build our nativity scene even if we are not modeling experts and whatever else it will be good, during the Christmas period, to attend the now famous Christmas markets, where you can really find everything , and obviously also the crib houses. The latter during the normal periods of the year, can also be found in special model shops and in Naples when the Christmas period begins to arrive, the artisans begin to indulge themselves on the traditional figurines and obviously they do not fail to also offer splendid handcrafted houses, they are obviously products that have their price, but which without any possibility of being proven wrong are worth every penny spent.

How to recycle fruit crates: 20 brilliant ideas for creative reuse

You will surely have noticed at least once in your life the wooden crates that fruit sellers use, the same crates that are often found piled up outside supermarkets or some shops. Because once they have fulfilled their function, fruit crates are often thrown away, but the truth is that with fruit boxes, the very ones you see in the markets, you can create many useful and original things by recycling them in a creative way. Furniture can be obtained from a fruit box for the beach house, your garden or terrace, but also for the apartment in the city, why not. Spending little you can tastefully furnish your spaces. With wooden boxes you can create coffee tables and flower boxes, bookcases, shelves or comfortable shoe racks. With a little imagination and time you can create functional objects and furnishings, just follow a few simple steps that we will suggest and get inspired by our gallery of images:

1. The right choice: when you go out to supermarkets, the market or the greengrocer's, take the boxes that seem sturdier and less damaged. In fact, the vegetable boxes are generally made with poor wood, so those of fruit or potatoes that are more resistant are preferable. If you want to create support bases, such as tables and chairs, buy one too plywood base of the same size as the boxes we will use, even assembled.

2. Goodbye splinters: with sandpaper, scrape off all the splinters of wood until you get a smooth surface to avoid getting hurt once the box is reused. In the case of pot holders, cover the inside with plastic material while, instead, if you want to build a kennel for your pets, make the inside soft with blankets and sheets.

3. Make room for the imagination: equip yourself with brushes and paints to decorate your boxes. We recommend using one first white paint so that overlapping colors later turn out more vivid. If you have to use your recycled boxes indoors, it is better to use acrylic paints or water-based paints. If, on the other hand, the box will remain outside, be sure to use water-resistant paints. Finally, to create more complex furniture it will be necessary to assemble several boxes in a vertical or horizontal position but always following the exact dimensions of the furniture to be made.


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Mini Nativity Scenes

Let's start talking about mini nativity scenes. In case of lack of space it is essential to do as much as possible without giving up anything. This Nativity scene that we show you, gives the idea and, as you can see, the figures, even if stylized, give an elegant effect to the environment.

In case you are a fan of DIY, creating a Nativity scene inside a transparent ball is a good option to consider. You can buy the figurines separately, the same size as a ball and continue the operation using a quick-setting glue. An alternative that will also allow you to decorate the Christmas tree: maximum results, with minimum effort!

Once again, in the absence of space, we find a noteworthy solution. It is possible to buy some figurines separately from the cave and add them where we think they go best. Why not use your collection of marine stones to give an exotic touch to the Nativity scene?

We have seen the ball option, but what do you think of the Nativity scene in a light bulb? Original and, at the same time, minimalist. It will give you, also in this case, the possibility of decorating your Christmas tree and more ... you can think of placing it where you see fit. In case DIY isn't your thing, you can buy it!

After the transparent balls and light bulbs, let's move on to the bells! Glass is always an excellent solution that manages to give an elegant setting and decorate your Christmas tree with the mini Nativity set.

This mini nativity scene is ideal for decorating your Christmas table. In fact, you might consider adding it to a decoration consisting of candles, hollies, fir branches and pine cones. The end result will be excellent and will leave your guests speechless!

Where to buy the nativity figurines?

The nativity figurines can be purchased in supermarkets, in artisans' shops, on Christmas market stalls, on ebay, on Amazon and in e-commerce specialized in Christmas items, where you can also buy everything else for the nativity scene, such as the setting or the sets. The clothes, on the other hand, must necessarily be made by hand, because unless expressly requested it from a craftsman specialized in the creation of clothing for statues of the crib , cannot be purchased online or in the most well-stocked stores. The nativity figurines discolored, old, falling or breaking, they can be replaced in the shops where you bought them or, if you are an expert in DIY and are familiar with restoration, they can also be repaired at home. During the Christmas period you can find ready-made nativity scenes in the newsstands, but being rather "standard", they do not give the same pleasure that you feel when setting up and personalizing your own nativity scene. But if you don't have time due to work or other reasons set up a nativity scene at home , can be taken into consideration, given that, except in rare cases, they usually cost a few euros (such as in collections designed for collectors).

Price of nativity figurines

On Amazon and on Ebay you can find many interesting offers: in some cases, with just 30 euros, it is possible to buy a group of twenty figures and thus have a beautiful and ready crib.

How much do the nativity figurines cost?

Depending on the quality and size, the figurines for the nativity scene they can cost from 2 euros up to (and in the most precious cases even to exceed) 304 euros.

Video: DIY Christmas Nativity Scene for indoors - Cardboard