Vitapark - nursery for large-sized trees and ornamental plants, landscape studio and garden center

Vitapark - nursery for large-sized trees and ornamental plants, landscape studio and garden center

Vitapark company provides the widest range of services in the field of landscape design and landscaping.
Our nursery offers a large selection of annuals and perennials, seedlings of ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs, grown and adapted to the harsh conditions of the northwest region

Ornamental plant nursery

The nursery was established in 1999.
For the first four years, we grew plants exclusively for the alpine slides.
In 2003, we started producing annual and perennial flowers.
In 2006, shrubs appeared in our assortment.
In 2009 we started growing trees.
Today our nursery is a reputable enterprise with the most modern technologies for the cultivation of high-quality planting material.

In the nursery of the Vitapark company you can buy:

- annual and perennial flowers;
- seedlings of ornamental shrubs;
- decorative trees;
- fruit and berry plants (fruit trees and shrubs).

Our customers can count on impeccable professional service, competent advice, assistance in any matter.

Nursery for large trees and ornamental plants

All year round we sell, transport and plant large-sized trees of dozens of species and species, with a height of 2.5 to 9 m, ideally adapted to the climatic conditions of the north-west of Russia, with a 100% survival guarantee for our planting.

Planting a large-sized tree saves you from having to wait 15-20 years to enjoy the spreading shade of oak, maple or birch on your site.

We have extensive experience in working with large trees and carry out this work at a high professional level.

Service maintenance large trees
If you buy a large size from us with our planting, we give a guarantee of its survival. Our specialists, if necessary, will come to your site for maintenance and control, which ensures the survival rate of trees purchased in Vitapark by 95-98 percent.

If you are the owner of a transplanted large-sized tree, you should bear in mind that in the first couple of years the root system of the tree is weakened and hardly nourishes the crown, and this problem can be solved only by carefully following the instructions for caring for the plant.

The Vitapark company offers for sale large-sized:
- hanging birch;
- English oak;
- common spruce;
- Serbian spruce;
- spherical willow, weeping willow, silvery willow;
- Norway maple;
- horse chestnut;
- small-leaved linden;
- large-leaved linden;
- Siberian larch;
- European larch;
- common mountain ash;
- Scots pine and Siberian pine (cedar);
and other types of woody plants. All large trees are adapted to local conditions and are ready for planting on your site!

Landscape atelier

The right design is the backbone of your site, the guarantee that it will meet your needs. We attach preliminary estimates to the finished project, containing calculations of all the necessary costs and the real terms of the project.

It is obvious that we create each project on the basis of clearly defined

The customer's requirements for the future site, and the amount of the planned costs

We also offer ready-made design service packages:

Landscaping includes two stages: landscaping and landscaping. Simply put, this is the engineering preparation of the site (drainage, irrigation system, paving and much more), and the actual work directly related to the planning, preparation of the planting mixture and planting.

Garden center of Vitapark company

In our garden center you will always find quality planting material adapted for the northwest region. Attentive service and individual approach of the staff will turn the purchase procedure into a pleasant and useful time spent.

By contacting us you can be sure of the quality of the products and the services provided by the company.
We will be happy to advise you on any questions, organize the delivery of plants, professional planting and appropriate care for the new "inhabitants" of your garden, park or square.

Landscaping, greening and landscaping - Krasnodar

Any house has an adjoining territory, even a multi-storey one. But if this is a private house, then the question is improvement and landscaping of this area becomes extremely significant.

Everyone wants to see this territory landscaped, landscaped and cultivated. And for the solution of these needs, such a direction of business as landscape design.

First of all, you need to determine the layout of the site, and then its style. About styles: regular style is geometrically correct shapes, straight lines, their combination. The landscape style is the closest to the natural, natural. You can also mention the ethnic style (example: Japanese gardens).

If you have taste, knowledge and time to do this - great! But what if not? Then you can contact any company Krasnodarpresented on our portal and they will make your fantasies come true.

  • Krasnodar, Selezneva st., 104
    • Mob .: (909) 45-87-182
    • Tel .: (915) 373-11-77
    • The main activity of the Forward company is landscaping and landscaping of territories. A separate area of ​​activity is the construction of reservoirs - large hydraulic solutions: artificial reservoirs, rivers, streams and pools, as well as decorative forms: waterfalls, fountains and ponds. The company provides full-cycle services - from the sale of equipment to service maintenance. LLC "Forward" subcontracts work on complex landscaping, landscaping, as well as earthwork, commissioning and waterproofing works according to the SRO approval

      • Krasnodar, Avtomobilnaya st., 1
        • Tel .: (861) 244-20-05
        • Mob .: 8-988-244-2005
        • Landscaping, landscaping by means of green spaces. Our manager with the appropriate skills, knowledge, a card index of developed and completed design projects will visit you. The purchase of all the necessary consumables, planting material, delivery - our specialists will do it themselves at minimal prices. A full range of improvement services from the development of a design project, automatic irrigation devices, paving slabs. Own production of rolled lawn, plant nursery, regular supplies of high quality planting material from the world's leading nurseries at minimal prices.

          • Krasnodar, pos. Industrialny, block number 8
            • Mob .: 8-918-191-91-81
            • Mob .: 8-918-46-888-77
            • --- Coniferous shrubs and trees, deciduous shrubs and trees. Annual and perennial flowers, vines, climbing plants.

              • Krasnodar, 40 years of Victory st., 39
                • Tel .: (861) 257-77-01
                • Mob .: 8-918-044-90-03
                • Landscaping of any complexity. Metal border for a garden, geotextile, sea pebbles, marble chips. Plants - water lilies, magnolias, lawns.

                  Landscape design, including landscaping, should be carried out by specialists. Only then can you be sure of the result. The company "Wonderful Gardens" is a group of true professionals, ready to create not only classic, but also creative landscape design that will fully meet your wishes and preferences. Designers, gardeners, agronomists, engineers and other specialists of the company "Wonderful Gardens" will change even a small abandoned cottage beyond recognition, not to mention the spacious well-groomed areas.

                  • Krasnodar, Krasnykh Partizan st., 249, of. 3
                    • Tel./fax: (861) 222-60-28
                    • Design of gardens and landscape complexes of any degree of complexity landscape construction, landscaping and landscaping design, construction and installation of small architectural forms interior design, winter gardens service

                      • Krasnodar, Kozhevennaya st., 42, of. 102
                        • Tel .: (861) 244-22-20
                        • Mob .: 8-918-02-40-999
                        • Mob .: 8-918-02-45-222
                        • --- Landscape design - design and construction work on the site, planting large-sized trees. Lawn, creation of reservoirs, waterfalls, flower beds, rockeries, alpine hills. Greening of roofs. Creation of winter gardens. Automatic irrigation device and lighting systems. Grooming work.

                          • Krasnodar, pos. Industrial, Green st., 1/1
                            • Tel .: (861) 251-41-55
                            • Mob .: 8-918-95-666-50
                            • Landscaping, improvement and landscape design in Krasnodar and Krasnodar Territory - more than 6 years of work. A large number of successful and timely completed projects. Only high quality and always a creative approach to each client.

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