Protection on all fronts: pests, diseases, plant weakness

Protection on all fronts: pests, diseases, plant weakness

How to deal with plant pests

Oh, how gardeners curse annoying insect pests, and beetles and sawflies live on and spoil our crops. Living protects living!

The Colorado potato beetle, for example, must be attacked with a biological product Gumi + BTB... And to attack immediately, as soon as the larvae are noticed, and not wait for their attack. Be insidious, because here it is like in a war - either you (with the potatoes), or they. The drug will upset the digestive system of the larvae, and they will die without becoming beetles.

Other harmful insects (aphids, moths, sawflies, leafworms, etc.) will run, like fire, from a compound preparation Gumi + BTB + LPC... BTB and LPC act on different groups of pests, alternate them, and then all pests will disappear from your site.

To provide protection of fruit and ornamental trees from a complex of pests will help trapping belt... It can be made from sticky paper and twine - just tie the trunk of a tree, creating a barrier for flower beetles, geese, beetles, weevils and various caterpillars. Fishing belts are sold and ready-made, for example, manufactured by NVP BashIncom.

Weapon against an invisible enemy. Another enemy camp is fungal and bacterial diseases. These guys also give gardeners a lot of trouble. But, fortunately, biologics will come to the rescue here too. We do prophylaxis against late blight, various types of rot, powdery mildew, fusarium and other nasty diseases with the help Fitosporin, its beneficial bacteria will protect the plants.

Fully biological preparation Fitosporin exists for different crops (tomato, cucumber, cabbage, potatoes, flowers ...), and Fitosporin Reanimator - the strongest of them, but we use it if the plant is already sick.

What else is Fitosporin good for? He, like a powerful soldier, is in constant combat readiness because manufacturers are continuously collecting the most aggressive pathogens (disease-causing microbes) from all over Russia and setting the beneficial bacteria Fitosporin on them. This is called breeding. This is how the protective bacteria train and are therefore always ready to repel the attack of pathogens.

Don't starve your plants

We got rid of pests and diseases, now is the time to think about preserving the strength of plants. For a normal life, a plant needs a lot of nutrients, and if any of them is lacking, the reaction will not be long in coming. For example, a lack of boron leads to a large number of unfertilized flowers and their abscission, that is, no fruit will be formed. Silicon plays an important role in increasing plant resistance to stress; its main function is to stimulate root development. The missing nutrients can be replenished with organic fertilizers, micronutrient fertilizers and ash.

You can kill several birds with one stone and use Biological product Rich, it contains all trace elements necessary for plants (Co, Mn, Zn, Cu, Ni, Cr, B, Mo, Li, S, Se), macronutrients (N, P, K), humic substances and beneficial bacteria Fitosporin. The most interesting thing is that all this is contained in the Rich in an easily digestible form.
Complex biofertilizer Rich - universal and is used for feeding during the growing season (growth and development) of plants.
But plants also need so-called local nutrition, which is optimized specifically for different crops. For such personal feeding, there is a series of soft fertilizers Gumi-Omi... They nourish plants, increase yields and improve soil structure. Gumi-Omi is introduced into the holes when planting seedlings, in bulk for digging in spring or autumn. With the help of Gumi-Omi, it is useful to do fertilizing watering every two weeks.

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Homeopathy for arrhythmias

Crategus 2,2X, 3 (hawthorn, tincture from ripe fruits)

Uses: arrhythmias combined with cardiovascular insufficiency, chest tightness and pain, shortness of breath, general weakness, swelling of the legs, irritability, depressed state of mind, heart defects, valves, myocarditis.

Iberis ZX, 3 (variegated, tincture from ripe seeds)

Cases of application: palpitations during physical exertion, with a feeling of heaviness and pressure in the region of the heart, especially at night the pulse is intermittent; sleep is restless, with dreams, the state of mind is irritable, depressed, sad myocarditis, cardiac neurosis, angina pectoris.

Lilium tigricum ZX, 3 (tiger lily, essence from the whole plant)

It is used when arresting an attack of atrial fibrillation.

Camphor monobromate ZX, 3 (monobromous camphor)

Recommended for young girls prone to depressive reactions, with arterial hypotension and headaches with neurasthenia.

Apocinum cannabinum 2X, ZX (hemp-like luskach, essence from fresh root)

Application cases: persistent atrial fibrillation with symptoms of circulatory insufficiency.

Digitalis 2X, ZX, 3 (foxglove, fresh leaf essence)

Uses: arrhythmias in case of circulatory failure, palpitations, blue lips (cyanosis), heart defects, swelling of the legs.

Kalmia ZX, 3 (broad-leaved kalmiya, essence from fresh leaves)

Uses: slow pulse, feeling of fading, numbness in the left hand, heart disease, most often of a rheumatic nature, severe anxiety and sadness, especially in the evenings, rheumatic lesions of the joints.

Lycopus ZX, 3, 6 (volkogon, essence from a fresh flowering plant)

Cases of application: persistent heart palpitations of endocrine origin (thyrotoxicosis), a feeling of tightness in the chest, in the region of the heart, deterioration of well-being from tension, from climbing stairs, endocarditis, pericarditis.

Moschus ZX, 6 (musk)

Cases of application: palpitations (tachycardia) with excitement, fear, suffocation, neurosis, sleeplessness at night due to strong nervous excitement.

Arnica ZX, 3 (lamb herb, root tincture)

Uses: palpitations intermittently, shortness of breath, drowsiness, depressed mood, melancholy.

Modern scheme of pear treatment against rust

Time of processing Preparations and the scheme of their use
In the spring before and after flowering Skor + Fitolavin (2 ml per 10 l of water). Phytolavin suppresses bacteria that always accompany fungi.
May June During the growing season, drugs are used to combat scab and moniliosis - Abiga-Peak, Rakurs, HOM, Keeper.
The end of the summer Skor + Fitolavin (2 ml per 10 l of water).
A few weeks before the leaves fall Revus (6 ml for 5 liters of water). This drug destroys fungi and restores the plant's immunity.


As soon as holes appeared on my favorite host, I sounded the alarm: what kind of attack? The neighbors reassured: it's okay, it's just slugs, treat them with beer - let them get drunk to death.

Tainted beauty is the work of slugs

I had to dig in an old plate under the unfortunate plant so that the smooth and clean edges were level with the ground. According to the plan, the slug will come running to the smell, climb into the plate and drown. I bought a bottle of Heineken and sat in ambush to wait. Only flies showed activity, my slugs turned out to be either ulcers or teetotalers.

The next evening, solely for the sake of the purity of the experiment, I put the plates with the Belarusian beer "Lidskoe Velvetnoe" dark and "Aleksandrya" light. They came running, how cute. How did Heineken not please them? Patriots, however.

How to deal with snails and slugs in the garden, the publications will tell:

  • Slippery types not allowed to enter: a flower garden of plants that are not to the taste of slugs
  • Treat a slug with milk
  • How to Get Rid of Slugs: Let's Check Together
  • Chemical-Free Slug Fighting: An Ingenious Way to Save Cabbage

You can find proven means of fighting slugs in our catalog, which brings together the offers of large garden online stores. Choose remedies for slugs.

Chamomile: contraindications

Decoctions and medicines based on chamomile have sedative, diaphoretic, antiseptic, choleretic and antispasmodic properties. However, in order for the body to benefit from their intake, it is not recommended to abuse these funds.

Overdose symptoms are severe migraine, weakness, intestinal cramps. If a person has an intolerance to the components of the plant, nausea may occur after taking tea from the flowers.

Chamomile is contraindicated for diarrhea, nervous disorders, pregnancy

  • Decreased stomach acidity
  • Diarrhea
  • Mental disorders
  • Stomach ulcer, acute gastritis
  • Pregnancy
  • Genitourinary ailments
  • Allergy

Doctors advise against drinking saturated decoctions of the plant during pregnancy. Taking chamomile causes contractions of the smooth muscles of the uterus, increases the level of estrogen, which can be fraught with miscarriage. The simultaneous intake of chamomile with diuretics can provoke severe dehydration.

What are fungicides

Preparations with antifungal activity destroy colonies of pathogenic flora. Fungicides are used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes: to destroy fungi that have settled in plant tissues, on the surface of elements and to reduce the risk of infection with phytopathogens.

Fungicides are used to treat:

  • aerial parts of plants
  • roots
  • soil
  • during seed dressing.

The principle of action of the funds is based on suppressing the activity of fungi, preventing the formation of spores, creating an environment unfavorable for the development of mycoses.

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