The best ideas for landscaping paved and concreted yards

The best ideas for landscaping paved and concreted yards

Modern household plots are less likely to function as the breadwinner for the family. To make the country holiday as serene as possible, an ever larger area of ​​our courtyards is paved or concreted. Indeed, the site looks neater at the same time, in bad weather you can walk and not get your feet dirty, and it is much easier to clean flat surfaces from snow. On the other hand, going out of town, we traditionally think that we are getting out into nature. And where is this nature, if there are only stones and concrete around? Our task is to competently combine the concreting and paving of the site with its landscaping.

Options to “liven up” your site

Concreting a yard and turning it into a sterile but completely lifeless space is a bad idea. Of course, this is not something to strive for, especially since the process of landscaping, creating flower beds and growing trees in itself gives an urban person incomparable pleasure. What options for the golden mean of combination can be offered?

The paved courtyard looks neat, and it becomes easier to care for it. But it is imperative to plant greenery so that the rest is complete, and the eye has something to "catch on"

Landscaping along the perimeter of the paving

A neat small courtyard will be very decorated with greenery placed around its perimeter. If you decorate a fence with weaving plants, and plant trees and shrubs against it, then visually they will increase the fenced area.

It will seem that the garden does not limit the space, but expands it. At the same time, the site will acquire the necessary grooming and friendliness. Hanging beds and curly flowers look especially attractive in free areas of the ground.

More information about vertical gardening of the site can be found in the material:

The green perimeter of the courtyard visually "pushes" the fences, giving the impression that the visible part of the trees is just the beginning of a large garden

Wildlife windows

Openings specially left in the paved surface can be used to plant spectacular flower beds. Large spreading trees also look advantageous in them. On a hot day, in their shade, it is pleasant to read a book, relax or set a table for guests.

In autumn, the paved surface surrounding them will show its advantages: cleaning the fallen leaves will not tire you. It is much easier to sweep it off a flat surface than from grass or soil.

In the southern regions of our country, gardeners love to grow unpretentious figs. This tree does not need special conditions. It bears fruit abundantly in autumn. But the jam from its fruits is eaten instantly

Moss and grass ornament

The paving will not seem gray and featureless if you plant moss or grass between the slabs. The grass looks more organic on surfaces that are generously illuminated by the sun's rays. In this case, preference should be given to those plant varieties that are resistant to trampling.

Moss prefers shaded areas. In such places, it will look healthy, juicy and appropriate. With its help, you can create an intricate geometric pattern that will not go unnoticed. Both grass and moss look great on the edges of paths and garden areas. They give the site a special charm, making it more natural.

Moss graffiti also looks stylish, read about it:

Well-trimmed and trample-resistant grass makes paving slabs look like keys or charts. Everything looks quite stylish together.

Easily changeable compositions

Potted plants allow you to easily change the look of your plot. By moving them, you can shape the flower beds in accordance with changing circumstances or just to your mood. For this purpose, it is good to use light and not too large flowerpots or even large beds, but on wheels.

With their help, you can quickly colorize a part of the yard when a family celebration is planned, or, conversely, free up space for dancing or parking for friends who have arrived. Whimsical compositions will appear or disappear at the request of their authors. In addition, potted plants are much easier to care for.

An interesting idea is the arrangement of an eco-parking in a suburban area. Read about it:

The easiest way is to decorate the yard with plants in flowerpots. You can bring them in and out, create intricate compositions out of them. There will always be a place for them

Let's combine natural and artificial

Natural landscaping can always be supplemented with artificial ones. There are artificial turfs for this purpose. They will not require special expenses from you and will not need careful care. Of course, it would be ridiculous to completely replace live plants with them, but in moderation they will come in handy. Artificial lawns are used in problem areas of the site, where the cultivation of natural vegetation cover is difficult. They can be an alternative to the same concrete coating.

But at the same time, you should be aware that such lawns have their drawbacks, some of which are sometimes difficult to come to terms with. For example, they are able to heat up in the sun twice as much as grass. Or they will emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Therefore, you should not abuse such coatings. Use them sparingly and they will brighten up your yard without ruining your holiday.

You can learn more about how to use artificial turf from the material:

There is always room for artificial turf. In the first case, he was sheltered by a shaded part of the courtyard. In the second version, the lawn is used to cover the space between the tiles.

The green roof of your gazebo

Growing greenery on rooftops has gradually come into vogue. And this has its own reason. Firstly, if you plant plants on the roofs of low-rise household buildings, gazebos or terraces, such landscaping will look very impressive from below.

Secondly, the structure itself receives additional protection and insulation. If for the gazebo the problem of keeping warm is not relevant, then for the chicken coop it is very important. Naturally, the load on the roof surface increases. It should be calculated in advance whether it is ready to withstand both the soil and the plants.

Moss is a versatile material that can decorate any yard with its greenery. In this case, it covers the roof of the building, forms a semblance of a table and successfully replaces the lawn.

Decorate your reality

If after all your efforts the yard still looks gray to you, paint it green. Literally. This method can be used when the planting base is still in growth mode. Pick up green flowerpots, paint the fence, use mosaics and other techniques that will allow you to liven up the site and make it more attractive.

This tiny courtyard clearly lacked color and greenery. The existing landscaping has been successfully completed with decorative tiles of different colors. It immediately brought the surfaces to life.

Which plants are best to use?

There are no special contraindications for the use of plants for concreted courtyards, but some of them look most impressive in such conditions. It is better to take care of the selection of suitable trees, bushes, grasses and flowers already at the stage of site planning.

In oasis windows, specially left among the paving, low-growing species of Iberis, carnations, stonecrops, saxifrage, thyme and alpine plants, for example, antennae, look good. Against the background of smooth surfaces, perennials with carved, openwork leafy, herbs with creeping shoots will be useful. The kochedyzhnik with his fluffy fronds will pleasantly enliven the site, and the cascades of maiden grapes will give the garden a romantic flair.

The boxwood is trimmed and looks very impressive and does not grow as fast as many other plants. Such a hedge will not create much trouble for its owners.

For ridges and borders, you can choose beautifully flowering species, for example, graceful roses. Austere, but low curbs will focus attention on the boundaries of the paving, while preventing other plants from spreading. Sheared boxwood looks very picturesque. A rabat made of lantana will add juicy color. Irises and hosts feel great next to garden paths.

If you plan to place moss or trample-resistant grass in the gaps between the slabs, you need to think in advance about how to resist weeds. After all, some methods of dealing with them can harm the decorative living coating. Weeding by hand is not the best way, but herbicides should be applied on time. Use them not on paved areas, but on their base until stones or tiles are laid and plants are planted.

Examples for lots in different styles

Both paving and landscaping should be done in the same style. The starting point of landscape design can be considered the architecture of the main cottage. The dwelling is the key element of the site, and the visual appearance of the rest of the content must fully correspond to it.

Site in the Slavic spirit

The massive log structure is in perfect harmony with forged elements and stone. Brick and tile, due to their excessive geometry, will look alien. Framing with greenery of the paving itself and the entire site as a whole is simply necessary due to the naturalness of the Slavic style, its attraction to nature.

A slavic-style chopped hut looks great next to a pond and a paved area. Greenery around the perimeter creates the illusion of a forest, and the lush greenery between the slabs looks very impressive.

European country style

The basis of the country can be a half-timbered building or a chalet. In the first case, the most harmonious will be the tracks, as if drawn along a ruler. Paving stones or bricks are most often used as a coating. Very well-groomed and trimmed lawns and beds or flower beds with neatly trimmed bushes and trees will complete the picture.

In the case of chalets, do not forget that this type of structure is typical for mountainous terrain. Therefore, the abundance of stones in combination with alpine slides and mixborders will look the most natural. A great addition will be various evergreens, including spruce, juniper.

Also, the material on the design of a garden and a country-style cottage will be useful:

The plot looks very well maintained. The cobblestone path evokes memories associated with small, but very neat at any time of the year German towns.

Pure English courtyard

A path delineated by a border leads to the house with a demonstratively open front part, which at the same time frames bright flower beds. A successful combination of greenery and paving is also present in the backyard of the site. There may be pergolas entwined with roses and tall hedges. The abundance of all kinds of plants is complemented by trees and flowers in flowerpots and tubs.

The abundance of flowers and lush greenery both in front of the house and in the backyard is a characteristic feature of the English style.

The style of the Japanese garden

A Japanese garden can be arranged on any vacant, even tiny, plot. In our example, the landscaping is limited to a few grass bushes and a single tree. The square tiles, which cover the entire area of ​​the site, in combination with a round Corten steel window and a large number of stones, look stylish and modern.

The material on the creation of a Japanese rock garden will be useful:

The discreet Japanese style does not require much investment. Everything is very nice and simple. Pink petals of blooming sakura will not clog, but additionally color this amazing garden

An interesting addition can be a large stone with a bowl embossed in its center. Water in the bowl and small stones at the bottom create a stylized mini-pond. It is the perfect place to relax and meditate.

There is nothing superfluous in this garden. I want to take a closer look at every detail now, and later come back and once again enjoy its mysterious beauty

Or maybe leave everything as it is?

As you can see, you can make a beautiful and neat paved or concreted courtyard that will be easy to maintain. Landscaping, correctly applied at the same time, will not only not disturb the harmony of the site, but will also complement it with those colors for which the townspeople are happy to leave their apartments. Do it and you won't regret it.

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